Mortar & More

A dynamic website for a future focussed interior design studio.

As interior design agency Mortar & More progressed as a studio, they found their current website was no longer illustrating the sectors they found themselves increasingly working in. They approached us for a redesign of their site, with the goal of creating a digital space that is no less immersive and progressive than the spaces Mortar & More create. A website that seeks to engage, excite and inspire.

The Approach


Mortar and More’s identity is built up from a set of graphic shapes originating from the logo. We took this graphic toolkit and expanded on it, bringing the shapes into a digital space and injecting personality into them using motion graphics.


We paired these animations with brand messaging to create engaging touch points across the website that excite and inspire.

Discover, Play, Connect

The website was driven by Mortar & More's company ethos; Discover through a collaborative design process – push boundaries and create joyous work – make meaningful connections between people and places.

Embracing the digital age of spaces

Mortar & More's work is progressive and growing with the digital age. With many projects harnessing the new powers of AR, we wanted to find a way to signify projects that lie in this experimental space. We created an alternate version of the shapes built of wireframes to signify this digital side to the brand

What we did

  • Website
  • Motion Graphics
Liz Dolan
Mortar & More

"Slater took our rough idea, and with brilliant creativity delivered a site which we are really proud to call ours. They are a team who have energy and ambition and who know how to have fun along the way! Looking forward to more journeys with this crew!"



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Trevor Dunne

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