Little Green Cars

Artwork for the second album of Little Green Cars

Having designed the artwork for ‘Absolute Zero', the debut album of Little Green Cars, we were delighted when they got in touch and asked us to work on the artwork for their second album. The new album was called ‘Ephemera’ and explores the idea of endings, new beginnings and the transient nature of life.

The hidden work of Patrick Scott at Busáras.

Ephemera in mosaic form

The top floor of Busáras was originally designed by Irish artist Patrick Scott to function as a night-club and restaurant. He featured a suite of beautiful tile mosaics on the ceilings of the space. The area is no longer accessible to the general public, and so this tile work has become a hidden part of Dublin’s Ephemera. The band were keen to incorporate the mosaics as part of the album artwork.

We engaged photographer Matthew Thompson to photograph the mosaics and art directed a shoot of both the mosaics and the band at Busáras.

Marrying the inside with the outside.

Matthew's striking images adorn the album cover and inlay pages. We referenced the diamond pattern of the tiles with a special clear spot varnish over the lyrics on the disco sleeve.

What we did

  • Album Artwork
  • Photography Art Direction


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