Proper chipper chips worth their salt.

We were briefed to design a brand for a collection of chip shops that could grow into a UK and Ireland wide chain. Chippers were struggling against both their traditional competitors in the fast food chains and also smart new fast-casual offerings on the high street. The new brand needed to retain the ‘local chipper’ charm and retain the rich history and tradition while still creating a brand to appeal to a new generation.

“The crispy first bite of a battered cod, it’s as close as your taste buds have gotten to God!”


The first job was to come up with a name. A lot of exploration (and a couple of bags of chips) later, we settled on ‘Chipmongers’. Inspired by the word ‘fishmongers’, we felt it represented the two heroes of the offer in equal measure – fish and chips. It also communicated the idea of craft. For the logo, the letter ‘I’ was transformed into a tempting chip, with the hand unable to resist picking it up.

Tone of Voice

To communicate the warmth and approachability of a neighbourhood chipper, we worked on a brand tone of voice
that was warm and welcoming. This featured in store through external signage, vinyl and wall graphics.


It was important that we retained a sense of the history of each store. With this in mind, we put in place a number of pieces within each store where the family name and story could have a presence.

What we did

  • Naming
  • Shop Signage
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Website
  • Packaging Design
  • Storytelling


ICAD 2017

Silver Bell

Identity & Branding

100 Archive

2017 Selection


Interior Architects
21 Spaces

Barry Cronin

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