Little Green Cars - River Song

New single cover for Little Green Cars latest release

We’re delighted to have designed the cover for the third single released by Little Green Cars from their debut album ‘Absolute Zero’. The new single, titled ‘My Love Took Me Down to the River to Silence Me’, was written by Faye O'Rourke  and Adam O’Regan and was released in August 2013. In keeping with the album cover and cover for the second single, ‘Big Red Dragon’, we commissioned an illustration by Steve Doogan.

Our concept for this single was to use an illustration of a raven or crow as they can be a symbol of death or seen as an omen of something to come. We also liked the use of one of these birds as either could be found by a river. Ravens or crows are also thought of as being all seeing so could be a witness to whatever happens at the river.


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Little Green Cars - River Song Little Green Cars - River Song
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